How I Lost 50 Pounds in Six Months!

50 Pound Difference!
Nicole Snooki Polizzi - 50 pound weight loss
Workout Wednesday!
Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Home Edition Workout Wednesday with Anthony Michael
Push your upper body! Read More »
Workout Wednesday!
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Workout Wednesday
Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Workout Wednesday with Anthony Michael
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I recently opened up to Life & Style about my 50 pound weight loss. The key to losing the weight was giving up the empty calories that are in all those alcoholic beverages. They really add up and in one night you can end up consuming up to 2,000 calories in just tasty drinks. Not to mention, after drinking with your girls all you want to do is go home and eat tons of junk food! So if you give up the alcohol you’ll begin to see changes immediately!!!

But exercise is really important too! I began strength training five times a week for an hour and a half with my AMAZING trainer Anthony Michael. You can do some of our workouts too! Check out our Workout Wednesday videos for some FABULOUS routines!! I also make sure to mix in some cardio, like running on the treadmill or taking spin classes at Flywheel or SoulCycle. I used to hate going to the gym, but now I love it!!! Dancing is also an amazing workout, keeps my legs and everything else toned! I’m a size 0 and damn proud of it! XOXO!!!