Tuesday Trainer Q & A!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Workout Sweat!

Hey guys! This week’s trainer question comes from Des who asks, “I’m 18 weeks pregnant and I’d like to know what exercises are safe to do so I can continue working out my arms and my legs to get rid of cellulite.”

Working out while pregnant has been a debatable issue for decades. Thankfully, science has concluded that regular workouts tend to make the delivery process easier and reduce post pregnancy recovery times. At 18 weeks, your new arrival is developing quite rapidly and we want to avoid excessive stress in the abdominal region. Avoid movements that require you to “bear down” or concave your torso in a way the ribs approach the pelvic area. Your rep range should (on average) exceed 15 reps to ensure poundages are safe. Of course, NEVER embark on any regimen under these circumstances without the clear notification and authorization of a licensed physician. Giving birth next to a dumbbell rack is NOT COOL.

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Beach Day With My Boo Boos!

The other day, Jionni, Lorenzo, and I all went to Seaside Heights for a fun day at the beach! We had such a fun and relaxing time in the warm sun, it was such a great family day.

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Family Vacation!
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Jionni’s Daddy Blog: Lorenzo’s 1st Beach Trip!

I got inspired by Nicole’s blog posts, so I decided to start my own Daddy Blog where I will be sharing my experiences as a new dad. I hope you guys like it!

The Myrtle Beach trip was a crazy experience! Lorenzo loved the ocean and playing in the sand. Nicole is not a huge beach person but I definitely am, so it was great seeing how he was so into it. I wasn’t really expecting it, so when I saw him splashing in the water I got so excited. One moment where I freaked out was when he put sand in his mouth. That’s a big no-no. I thought, oh shit we need to get that out of your mouth. I think that was the biggest worry for me. The great thing about Myrtle Beach is that it is much bigger than a lot of beaches and it was awesome for babies because there was twenty yards of inch-deep water where he could safely play around in with us watching him very carefully of course. The fact that he was able to play on the beach was so awesome to see. He’s still too young to go on any rides but Nicole is really into going on them, so once he is big enough, she is going to take him on all of them. We are the luckiest parents because he is just a happy baby all the time. It was like he knew he was on vacation so he was just smiling all the time and laughing.