Weekend With My Boys!

Love my life!!! Hung out with my boys this weekend and had to bribe Lorenzo to take some pictures for mama! So exciting to see that my baby girl is growing!!! I’m at six months now so I’m definitely starting to pop more! Can’t wait to start filming Snooki and JWOWW season four so you guys can all follow along on me and JWOWW’s summer pregnancy journey! XOXOXOXO

Lorenzo’s Favorite Toy In The Tub

snooki - baby favorite shower toy

I can’t tell you how many toys I bought Lorenzo to entertain him in the tub and he just totally ignores them. I finally found a toy he loves! It’s called Tub Tunes and I ordered it off of Zulily. Btw Zulily is a moms best friend. It’s basically just a water xylophone but he can play it for hours. Try it with your little one! They’re playing but also learning! XOXO

Nicole ❤