Workout Wednesday: Pregnancy Edition

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This week on Workout Wednesday: Pregnancy Edition, we explain the benefits and precautions to working out during pregnancy, and we do a full body workout with concentration in the back!! Watch this week’s workout and tune in next week for another pregnancy-safe workout!

My Baby Bump Transformation: 17 Weeks

Snooki - Baby Bump 17 Weeks

Here’s me in the morning at 17 weeks! I can tell way more in the morning because my bladder is full and pushes the baby out more! Isn’t it so cute? Like a little soccer ball!

Lorenzo Loves His Tub Tunes!

Snooki Nicole - Lorenzo Tub Tunes

I can’t tell you how many toys I bought Lorenzo to entertain him in the tub and he just totally ignores them. I finally found a toy he loves! It’s called Tub Tunes and I ordered it off of zulily. Btw zulily is a moms best friend. It’s basically just a water xylophone but he can play it for hours. Try it with your little one! They’re playing but also learning! XOXO

Love, Nicole ❤️