Delicious Healthy Snack: Banana Sushi Rolls

Snooki - Healthy Snack Banana Sushi Rolls

So I came across this adorable snack recipe online and had to try it out! Um…AMAZING and adorable! It’s so simple and the best snack for your little one, or for your tummy!!

-Simply cut up bananas into slices
-Add almond butter (or peanut butter) to act as the “glue”
-Add tiny thin slices of wheat bread to go around the banana

And WHALA! You have your banana roll! Also if you want to get decorative and add a little more flavor, drizzle honey on top!

Enjoy kiddos! XOXOX

My Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner!

Snooki - Goldwell shampoo and conditioner

This is how I keep my red hair bright and shiny!

Hey guys! Just wanted to shout out goldwell for always keeping my nice vibrant red and healthy! I use Goldwell dye to keep my rich red color and use their shampoo to always keep my red refreshed and my extensions healthy! Thank you Goldwell and my stylist Bradley for always keeping my hair looking mint! ️XOXO

Flashback Friday: My Baby’s First Easter

Love looking back at these pics of my baby as his second Easter approaches this SUNDAY!!! My baby looks so handsome in his Easter outfit! I dressed him in a cute blue and white striped polo with blue pants and khaki colored shoes! He’s adorable. I can’t wait to share what he’s wearing this year for Easter! XOXO