MTV Movie Awards With Mila Kunis

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I love you Mila!! Let’s be pregnant besties together!!!

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MTV Movie Awards With Mark Wahlberg

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Hey Mark!!! What do you think would go in a Snooki burger?

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Nicole Richie Back On Reality TV!!

Snooki - Nicole Richie Back On TV

I’m so excited that VH1 picked up Nicole’s web series Candidly Nicole. Her personality is so infectious and i absolutely LOVED HER on the simple life. Granted she has grown up and moved on, but she’s still the sarcastic loving Nicole Richie we all are obsessed with. CANT WAIT GIRLFRAN <3

My Second Pregnancy Journey…

Snooki - Second Pregnancy New Home Wedding Workout Update
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I love that I have my own blog and can say everything that I want to say and sharing everything with you guys!!

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback about my pregnancy. We got a lot going on this year with moving into our house, having the baby and then getting married. I’m entering the second trimister and my baby is healthy and I’m all good… though my first trimester brought back memories of my last pregnancy!!!

Let’s talk cravings. Love strawberries and salt and vinegar chips right now. But the one thing I’m going to change about this pregnancy is that I am going to stay active and keep working out because I’m getting married soon after I have my second baby. My lifestyle right now is very healthy so I’m going to continue with that while I’m pregnant. I am going to be working out safely and share my workouts with you on my blog!

Watch the video to hear all the updates!!!

Thank you to all of you for being so sweet and kind!!! Love ya!!!