The Snooki Podcast: Naturally Nicole

The Snooki Podcast: Naturally Nicole

Hey Booboos!!!

I am sooooo excited to tell you about my latest project!!! I am going to host my own podcast: The Snooki Podcast, Naturally Nicole on! It’s basically going to be me and a special guest each week talking about life and the random crazy things that are going on in the world! Today’s guest will be my BFF Joey Camasta! Love him and if you watch our Snooki reports you know he is seriously one of the funniest people I know!!!

I’m not afraid to talk about anything so there’s no topic that’s off limits. I love to be real with you guys and tell you exactly what’s on my mind! So I’ll be talking about everything from the messy side of motherhood to my love of fashion to my obsession with everything zombies!! LOL.

But the best part of all of this is that I’ll be taking calls from all you amazing fans out there!! I have loved reading your tweets and comments on my blog and Facebook but I really wanted the chance to hear your voices and become real BFFs on the phone!! So this was perfect!!!

Check out the first episode below and comment with what you think!!! I hope you love it!! XOXO

Love always,

Snooki Report: ‘Teacher Made My Son Eat From Trash’

Snooki- Snooki Report: 'Teacher Made My Son Eat From Trash'
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If I was Gilbert’s mother, I would go into that classroom and kick that teacher’s ass. I understand the teacher’s point about not wasting food and that there are starving people out there, but to make him take his lunch out of the trash and eat it in front of all of his classmates is just not cool! It’s awful. That teacher should seriously be fired. She traumatized Gilbert. Don’t be sad though Gilbert. We love you!



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Father’s Day Weekend at Disney!

I love family vacations and this time we headed to Disney!!! Loved goofing off and hanging out with my man and baby at the pool! I also have loved seeing my fans on vaca and them calling me Nicole! Thanks poops… that just means were best friends! Even though I’m on vacation I still make time to be a #fitmom! I’ve been heading to the gym at 6:30am with my baby girl for a workout because I am all about having a fit pregnancy this time around!! My baby bump has really popped so I’m feeling very pregnant, but I love it!

This trip has been a dream! Got to go to a romantic drive in with my man and also got to see the festival of the Lion King. It was AMAZING. Tons of respect to the cast, especially those gymnast monkeys! I know how hard that is!

I just wanted to wish my soulmate, Jionni, a Happy Father’s Day! He is the most amazing father ever! I’m so proud of him and lucky to have such a fantastic soon-to-be hubby!! Love you!!

Check out family vacation album booboos!!! XOXO