TV Duos Got Nothing On Us!

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Jenni and I had an interview with BuzzFeed and we dressed us as iconic TV duos which was so much fun!!! We talk about everything, like our celebrity girl crushes, what Ryan Seacrest smells like, and my baby Lorenzo!!

Here is a little bit of the interview, but read the whole thing here! XOXO

Of all famous duos from the past, who would you guys be?
JWoww: Laverne and Shirley.
Who would be Laverne and who would be Shirley?
JWoww: I think I’d be Laverne. Shirley is more like a worrywart. Well, it depends on the episode.
Snooki: Worrywart?!
JWoww: Well, with Lorenzo.
Snooki: Well, yeah with Lorenzo, but in life I just kind of go with the flow. Whoever is the tall one, that one is Jenni.
What about Lucy and Ethel, who would be who?
JWoww: Never saw it. Is that the one with Brad Pitt?
No, that’s…
JWoww: Thelma and Louise! My bad. I just remember shirtless Brad Pitt.
Lucy and Ethel were from I Love Lucy, with Lucille Ball.
JWoww: Oh, yeah! I’d probably be the crazy neighbor. Or whoever is taller.

Snooki and JWOWW Twitter Contest!

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Hi booboos!!!

I’ve got some exciting news! Tonight I’m going to have a Twitter contest where I ask you questions about tonight’s Snooki and JWOWW episode, which is on at 10/9c on MTV! A winner will be chosen for each question I ask so make sure you tune in so you can participate!! And I’ve got some amazing prizes to give out so make sure you go on twitter at 9:50 PM EST for you East Coasters and 9:50 PM EST for you West Coasters!! Use the hashtag #snookiandjwoww when answering the question to qualify!! XOXO

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Find out who I think Miley Cyrus should be with!! Who agrees with me?! XOXO

Love my BOO!
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Made little banana sandwiches with almond butter….way healthier than my Ben & Jerry’s carton!