LOVING this article explaining why cheerleading is a sport. Not everyone can do it, and all the people saying it isn’t a sport haven’t tried to participate.
Here’s 11 reasons why cheerleading is a badass sport!
1. It’s a lot harder to lift weights when your weights happen to be people.
2. Handstands are hard… Now handstands on hands are another story.
3. A sport where you keep your feet on the floor…. Boooorrrrring. Twenty feet in the air is more like it.
4. Because this looks an awful lot like something you’d see at the Summer Olympics.
5. Cheerleaders practice for months to fit all their skills in a two minute and thirty second routine.
6. Cheerleading takes having trust in your teammates to a whole new level.
7. Cheerleaders are the most flexible athletes out there.
8. Timing is everything.
9. Cheerleaders have incredible body control and strength.
10. They can make it look effortless.
11. And they don’t need no man!

Throwback Thursday: Clearly I Was Never A Morning Person #lorenzostwin

Throwback: Potty Pic
Nicole Snooki Polizzi Port a Potty Throwback Thursday
For some reason I thought it would be cute to take this pic... Read More »
Throwback Barbie!
Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Barbie Girl Throwback Thursday
Rocking fake blue contacts and different colored highlights... Read More »
Chilling Poolside!
Snooki Nicole Polizzi Throwback Thursday Swimming in Kiddie Pool
Going wild in the kiddie pool... some things don't change! Read More »
Pumpkin Picking
Nicole Snooki Polizzi Pumpkin Picking Throwback Thursday
Me as a little kid going pumpkin picking in my dad's truck! Read More »
Snooki - Throwback Thursday as baby getting out of bed

Found this when I was searching through my moms old photos and omg I look exactly like Lorenzo when he wakes up. I also look exactly the same right when I wake up. Grumpy pants!!

Wedding Wednesday: A Rustic Wedding In A Barn!

Snooki - Bridal Theme Barn Wedding

Would I get married in a barn? Hm. I mean I did grow up in the orchards in upstate NY.

Had to take another BuzzFeed quiz! UM my results are not quite accurate, but I could see myself getting married in a barn if I never moved to Jersey and discovered the Guido life at 18 years old LOL. I would probably be a country girl like all my friends back home, but I decided to take a different route in life. My wedding is going to be elegant and extravagant in a huge ballroom. But hey, if all else fails I don’t mind the barn wedding!


Snooki - Lindsay Lohan docu-series on OWN First look
Watch Video

Anyone else DYING to see her docu-series?!?!?!?!!?

Omg this sneak peek literally gave me chills. I have been a fan of Lindsay since she started showing her cute little freckle face on our screens. She has had her ups and downs, we all have, and I know in my heart that she’s going to snap out of it and become the amazing Lindsay we all know she can be. I WANT her to be my favorite actress again and I want to obsess over her more! Her fans are ROOTING for her to make a come back and she should tell everyone else who doesn’t want to see her succeed to F off. I get that she has some challenges she has to overcome, but that isn’t easy with paparazzi hounding her day and night and the media scrutinizing her on EVERYTHING she does. I think this docu-series with OWN is the start to her comeback, and for the world to really see what goes on in her life. Lindz, I’m rooting for ya girl and I’m here for you if you ever need a friend. No seriously, call me.

Love always,

NeNe Leakes Joins The Season 18 DWTS Cast!

Nene is officially on the next cast of #DWTS! Gah. It’s just perfect. She has such a huge personality, she will definitely bring the fun and attitude! Plus I know this woman can twerk and shake that ass, but I wanna see how she does with the fox trot! I cannot wait to see NeNe dance if this is true, but GIRL brace yourself. It is not an easy ride and you will definitely be putting yourself to the test physically and emotionally. But I mean I totally wouldn’t mind seeing her frustrated and knock out her dancer LOL! XOXO muah!

Love always,


Leonardo DiCaprio - Didn't Win an Oscar Again

OMG I am dying at this BuzzFeed article of Leo not winning an Oscar for another year. I have been a fan of Leo since I first saw his cuteness on Romeo and Juliet. I had the pleasure of meeting Leo in a nightclub the first year Jersey Shore came out and I literally had no words. Minus the fact that i was piss drunk, I will always remember that moment and remember how genuine and cool he was. I have been pulling for Leo to win an Oscar since he started and I DONT GET WHY ITS NOT HAPPENING. The Wolf of Wall Street was a PHENOMENAL movie and I was for sure he was going to win an oscar for his insanely well played role. Leo, there must be some sort of conspiracy because I don’t get it. But I will make you an Oscar to take home with my arts and crafts I have here, because you deserve one. Actually you deserve about 10, but I can probably only make one. We all love you Leo, and just remember, you always have a fan in me and that’s all that matters!

Love Your #1 Fan,