My Third Tattoo: A Crown

Nicole Snooki Polizzi Third Tattoo Meaning

This was my very first arm tattoo and i was SO  nervous for it , but it ended up coming out amazing and one of my fav tattoos! I also got this done in Vegas, and I wanted a crown to represent being a strong independent woman. I also added in a tiny cross on the top for remembering my loved ones that passed but also being Catholic. I incorporated a bow into it to represent how girly i am, and also because I love bows in my hair. Duh.


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Announcing My Q&A Series!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi Q and A series
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Hey guys!

I’m making this video because you guys are so amazing with your comments on this website. I have never seen so much positive feedback in my life and all your positive comments just make me really happy! So thank you guys for supporting the website so much and interacting with me! Once a week I am going to be doing a Q&A video. Watch the video to find out details on how I’m going to answer your questions! Love you guys!


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Me And My Boo At Cosmo!

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Nicole Snooki Polizzi Snooki and JWOWW Press Cosmo

Me and my boo at Cosmo!

Sequins & Lace

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I had press today for the second season of Snooki & JWOWW airing January 8th at 10pm!

Here’s what I wore!
Outfit: Sequin pants and a lace peplum top from one of my fav stores Nasty Gal!
Accessories: Spike headband, earrings, bracelet, arm candy and ring from my JEWELRY line at
Shoes: Shoe Republic LA!

Got My Hair Back!

Today I went and got the red retouched! Thanks to Bradley Moreland I got my hair back to its luscious red color! He always make me feel like a pretty mommy! XOXO

Check out the gallery of some of my other hair colors and styles from this past year! ❤

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My Top 9 Must-Haves!

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There are nine things I can’t leave the house without! Look through the gallery to read why these items are essentials to have on me before I go out!

1. My Lorenzo Necklace: Every time I leave Lorenzo it just gets harder and harder. So having my Lorenzo necklace makes me feel… More HERE.
2. My Blush Palette: Contouring my face is an obsession. I love how just a few dabs of blush and bronzer can make your cheek bones look phenomenal. I even use… More HERE.
3. Lipstick: I hate having boring, non-lipstick lips. Lipstick defines your whole face and is a must in my book! I just make sure to kiss… More HERE.
4. Cellphone: I’d say I’m addicted to my cell. Whether it be texting my… More HERE.
5. Perfume: I’m really cheesy and I only wear… More HERE.

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