Our Family Photos From Easter!

Here’s some of our personal family photos from Easter we wanted to share with you guys! Lorenzo LOVED his easter egg hunts! He’s such a big boy now I’m so proud of my baby! He’s going to be such a good big brother! XOXOX


My MTV Movie Awards Outfit!

Love the dress designed by me and my designer, Jason, from Snooki Love for the MTV Movie Awards!! I was so excited to show off something that I helped make and it was an amazing moment for me! What did you think of my dress? Look through the gallery and tell me your thoughts in the comments! I love to hear your feedback booboos!! XOXO

Woman Crush Wednesday: Carrie Underwood

Snooki - WCW Carrie Underwood

Can I please work out with Carrie Underwood? #fitfam

SO OBSESSED w the fact that this girl trains hard! You rarely see celebs
posting pics of their workouts, but when they do, holy motivation and hi
can we be friends? I would die to do a training session with Carrie! Keep
it comin girl! Striving to be strong and healthy is so sexy! Loving the
muscles!!! Xoxo

Love Nicole

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jennifer Garner

So besides being married to the most handsome man in Hollywood, Ben Affleck, This mama is on point. With being a wonderful mom, having a fit body, being a talented actress and also a role model for women everywhere. Granted she may have flaws, but we surely don’t see them. This woman is a class act and I aspire to be like her role in Alias way back when. I want to be a secret agent, wearing hot outfits and wigs and just killing it. Thank you for the fabulous inspiration Jennifer! Much love and respect to you and your beautiful family! (BTW, totally had a steamy dream about your husband once and I am beyond jealous of you).

Fashion Friday: What trends I’m LOVING!

I am absolutely obsessed with kimonos and slouch pants right now. I feel like this whole summer all i’ll be rocking is kimonos with shorts and slouch pants and tank tops. My style most certainly evolved ever since I became a mom. I enjoy being chic and simple, WEIRD RIGHT?! But I still love my leopard prints. I’ll take a leopard kimono and zebra slouch pants any day! Here are some adorable looks I love. Check out my clothing line Double Zero for more style inspiration!!!