Trend Alert: Fashionable Turbans for Summer

Hey booboos! I just love wearing fashion turbans this summer! They’re super trendy, and they add that little extra spunk to your outfits. Wearing a black fashion turban is my fav, because it looks perfect with every hair color and outfit!
Stay trendy this summer boos!


Pregnancy Running Belts!

Snooki- Pregnancy Belt

Hi Booboos! For any of you pregnant ladies that need some extra help when it comes to running/exercising, I’ve got you covered! Pregnancy running belts are super helpful when exercising with your baby bump! Not only do they support your baby bump, but they help to control bump movement during your exercises. They can also help to reduce your lower back pain and swelling and take lots of pressure off of your bladder. You all know how important it is for me to be a fit mom, and wearing this support belt really helps me get the job done!

Nicole #FitMom

Staying Fit for My Baby Girl!

Hello my fellow moms-to-be! Don’t forget that even though you’re preggers, you can still workout! Working out while you’re pregnant is actually really beneficial for you and you’re little babe. It gives you tons of energy, and it can even make your delivery easier (trust me, you want the easiest delivery possible LOL). Just make sure that you are doing exercises that are safe and healthy! There are so many fit pregnant women these days that inspire me to reach my full workout potential. You can watch some of my Workout Wednesday videos, led by my fabulous trainer Anthony Michael, for examples of different exercises for pregnant women!

Nicole #Fitmom #Fitmomtobe

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Maxis for Mama

I just love wearing maxi dresses while being preggers. Not only are they super flowy and comfortable, but they let me show off that big baby bump! All of you moms-to-be should definitely try rocking a maxi this summer!