Snooki Report: Man Gets Accidental Vasectomy!

Snooki- Snooki Report: Man Gets Accidental Vasectomy
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OMG never go to this hospital! They accidentally gave a man a vasectomy when he went in for a minor procedure! I would be so upset if I was dating this guy and we wanted to get married and have kids, because now we wouldn’t be able to have kids because of that stupid doctor.Anyways, stay away from this hospital if you want to keep those sperm swimming.

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Wombmates, Ep. 3: SNOOKBaby & JWOWWBaby Panic During Parental Foreplay

Snooki- Wombmates: Episode 3
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Hey Booboos! You have to check out this weeks episode #3 of Wombmates, with me and JWoww! It’s hysterical. These little babes are way too “educated” LOL. Hopefully it will be a long time before we ever have to talk to them about that sort of stuff!!


Nookie with Snooki: Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom!

Snooki- Nookie with Snooki: Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom
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Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom!! This is weird, because they’re 16 years apart! When Orlando was 16 getting his driver’s license…Selena wasn’t even born yet! It’s definitely different. Good for Orlando, though. Selena’s super hot! If they are dating and they’re happy that’s awesome, but I’m pretty sure this story isn’t true LOL.


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