Snooki Report: Nude Burglar Terrorizes Neighborhood!

Snooki- Snooki Report: Nude Burglar Terrorizes Neighborhood
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Why is this guy naked?! He must have been wasted, because that’s the only time I ever run around naked! He even chugged one of their beers! If I were to ever rob a house I’d definitely drink all of their alcohol first before I start stealing shit. I’d chill take a dip in their pool and maybe even heat up a hot pocket LOL.

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The Cutest Celeb Baby Bumps!

It’s baby fever this summer and it feels like everyone is pregnant! This pregnancy I love to show off my baby bump because it actually looks like a baby bump. My first pregnancy it just looked like I ate a lot of cheeseburgers with beer. Here are my fav baby bumps from these celebs!!

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1. Hayden
2. Xtina
3. Kelly
4. Stacy
5. Mila
6. Scarlett

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