What I’ll Be Doing at VMA’S This Year!!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - VMA 2O13 News

So excited to be at the VMA’s this Sunday! I just picked out this beautiful dress that i can’t wait to rock from NYC Glitz! I will also be co-hosting on Extra with the fabulous AJ! I can’t wait to talk babies with him because he’s a new father!! Congrats AJ! The show this year is going to be sick…..NSYNC reuniting is my DREAM COME TRUE!!! I already know I’m going to feel like a crazy teenager again stalking them all night, no shame. Also performing thats really getting me excited – DRAKE! Drake is boss. I miss Lady GAGA, so I’m SO excited to see her hot ass on that stage! She’s beautiful to me and she’s gonna rock it for all the monsters! And FYI, i will literally be stalking Bruno Mars all night, because his song might be me and Jionni’s first dance at our wedding (whenever that may be)…So i need to ask good ol bruno for a solid! Overall, the VMAS are going to be dope! Make sure to tune in to Extra to see Aj and I chatting it up with the hottest celebs! XOXOXO


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Throwback Thursday: Santa’s helper gone wrong.

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New Music Tuesday: B-Capp

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This week’s New Music Tuesday is B-Capp’s new song, “Reach For The Sky”! It is so inspirational and it keeps me on my workout grind when all I want to do is give up! XOXO

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