Jionni’s Daddy Blog: Lorenzo’s Milestones

Daddy Blog!!
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Lorenzo is Walking!!!
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Lorenzo turns 1!!
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Jionni's First Daddy Blog!
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Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Jionni LaValle Daddy Blog on Baby-Milestones

The first time he crawled we were jacked up and excited! He might have crawled backwards. Every little milestone your kid does, you go crazy for! He just started walking too and we got so excited! He holds himself up and we are just screaming and yelling trying to get him to keep going. He also started saying dada, which Nicole is a little upset about since she wants to be the favorite! We are really lucky in that we get to be with him all the time and we don’t need a nanny. It’s special and such a privilege to be able to stay with him everyday. He’s definitely a daddy’s boy and I don’t blame him! Sorry Nicole…

Workout Wednesday Home Edition: Lower Body

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Workout Wednesday At Home Edition Lower Body Workout
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Hey babyboos!! Here is a great at home workout you can do for getting that fine ass lower body! Get that booty you have always dreamed of by doing these quick and easy exercises!! XOXO

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Grocery Shopping with JWOWW!

Just doing some shopping with my honey booboo, Jenni!!! Can’t wait for you guys to see what we have in store for you for Season 3!! XOXO

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Hair Trends Tuesday: 2 Bun Styles

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Creating the Perfect Bun
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Here are my two favorite buns to do: the sock bun and my everyday bun! Watch my video to find out how to recreate my look! XOXO

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My VMA Red Carpet Recap!

Had a blast with AJ & Extra!!! I talked to the hottest celebs at the VMAS and I got to show off my fierce dress by NYC Glitz!! My interview with Gaga was FABULOUS!!! Love that bitch ❤ I let her know how amazing she is to all of us and that she’s my inspiration! Rihanna looked so amazing walking around and Kanye’s performance was everything. But what really made my night was the JT & NSYNC performance! Now that was a PERFORMANCE!!! Clearly I’m obsessed and WAS 10 again. Now THAT’S A BOY BAND BITCHES!!! Such an amazing night with my fiance Jionni followed by some pizza and cuddling after!! XOXO

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