Healthy Hits: Steamed Cauliflower

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Healthy Hits: Cauliflower

This weeks healthy choice is steamed cauliflower! I love eating this with chicken or with a salad.

Steamed cauliflower
1 tps olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper

Calorie Count: Approximately 156 calories a serving.

Easy and done!!! Yum yum!!

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Pics From Today’s BBQ!

We had so much fun hanging out with our family today! Lorenzo loves being around people and everyone loved his patriotic outfit! Here’s some family pics of us from today! XOXOX

Love always,

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Lorenzo Wishes You A Happy MDW!

Lorenzo at 7 Months...
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Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Lorenzo 9 Months Memorial Day

My baby all grown up it feels! I’m so proud of him, especially today because he turns 9 months! He’s the best and his outfit is to die for! He says hi to everyone! XOXOXO

Love always,

With The Winner!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - with the Annex Mag Winner

With the winner of @annexmag @theianraym0nd

Top 5 Finalists for Babies in Shades!

Hiya sugarplums!

I loved seeing all the comments on all the pictures for the Babies in Shades Contest! It was so crazy! Some of the pictures got over 500 comments! These are the top five pictures that got the most today! Now it is time to vote for your #1 pic! Comment on the best picture and the one with the most comments will win the entire Enzo’s collection. Here are the top 5 finalists:

Carolina Franco: 574
Danna Smith: 563
Marian Safford: 411
Santa Hernandez: 379
Brandi Dykstra: 317

I know it’s going to be really hard to vote on just one now because all of these babies in sunnies are sooo cute! Just a reminder, you can buy the sunglasses online at or wait until they are in stores soon if you don’t win! LOL!
Good luck everybody and happy voting!!! XOXO

Love Always,