I Want More Babies!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - I Want More Babies!
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Book Expo!
Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Book Expo
Behind the scenes of the book expo in New York for Baby Bumps! Watch »

Jionni and I almost thought we were pregnant again, but we want to get a few things done first! Watch this video to find out how many more babies I want and what I want to do before I start having more! XOXO!

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Healthy Hits: Fresh Fruit Salad

Nicole Snookie Polizzi - Healthy Hits: Fruit Salad

This weeks choice… fresh fruit salad!!


Calorie Count: Approximately 110 a serving.

Perfect for a desert or snack!

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Girl Problems: Breaking a Nail

Girl Problems: Breaking a Nail
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I hate when one of my nails breaks. Whenever I break a nail, I…


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Behind the Scenes at the Book Expo!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Book Expo
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Kim & Kanye's Baby
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Baby Bumps!
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Hey baby boos!

Check this video of me at the book expo yesterday in New York introducing my new book, Baby Bumps! When I was pregnant, I didn’t feel like there were a lot of relatable pregnancy books, so I decided to write about how I viewed my pregnancy with my precious baby Enzo! It’s full of stories about my experience, some embarrassing and some beautiful, but all real and relatable!

Jionni even has a chapter where he gives other men some tips on how to take care of your wife or girlfriend when she’s pregnant! He’s so cute, love my man!!!

Watch the video to find out more about my fab tell-all book of my pregnancy experience!! XOXO

Love always,