Spoil Mom with a Sweet Scent!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Perfume Promotion
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For Mother’s Day, you can spoil your mom and spoil yourself too! I am doing a special promotion for Mother’s day where you can buy one and get the second one at 50% off! We all know how important mommies are and we should thank them for being so amazing… but you deserve a special treat for yourself too!

You can either go for for amazing Snooki by Snooki Polizzi perfume or Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi… or both since it is 50% off! Snooki by Snooki Polizzi is totally me because it has a leopard and zebra print bottle and reminds me of my time on the boardwalk while Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi is more fresh,feminine and sexy. You can’t go wrong with either!!! Enjoy my loviesss!!!

New Music Tuesday: Veronica Kole

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - New Music Tuesday Veronica Kole
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New Music Tuesday
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Introducing AdELA!!!
Nicole Snooki Polizzi - New Music Tuesday Adela
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It’s Tuesday, which means I have a new artist and music video to share with you today!

The artist I’m showcasing today is Veronica Kole!  She’s a bilingual 18 year old pop artist from New Jersey. Not only is music her passion but she dances, plays guitar, piano, and writes all her music. She may look familiar because she’s also appeared on TV, radio, movies, commercials, magazine covers, and more!! But Veronica also has a heart of gold too! She has started her own award winning Anti Bullying Campaign called “Become a VeRoleModel, STOP Bullying” and has saved the lives of many who she’s impacted not only in person, but online. I know she is going to be a huge star!!!

Listen to her latest song Can’t No More to get a taste of Veronica’s fun pop music! The song is about having fun and having a good time and you totally just want to do that when you hear it! Hope you love it! XOXOX

You can buy her song HERE!