My Baby Bump Transformation: 17 Weeks

Snooki - Baby Bump 17 Weeks

Here’s me in the morning at 17 weeks! I can tell way more in the morning because my bladder is full and pushes the baby out more! Isn’t it so cute? Like a little soccer ball!

Lorenzo Loves His Tub Tunes!

Snooki Nicole - Lorenzo Tub Tunes

I can’t tell you how many toys I bought Lorenzo to entertain him in the tub and he just totally ignores them. I finally found a toy he loves! It’s called Tub Tunes and I ordered it off of zulily. Btw zulily is a moms best friend. It’s basically just a water xylophone but he can play it for hours. Try it with your little one! They’re playing but also learning! XOXO

Love, Nicole ❤️

Running Three Miles a Day!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Happy Mothers Day

Hi my loves! Hope all my mommies had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday! I got spoiled by my two boys, who gave me so much loving in the sun yesterday! I woke up to Lorenzo handing me a beautiful alex and ani bracelet! Words can’t express how awesome it is to feel appreciated on Mother’s Day! We are literally everyone in one. Housekeeper, nurse, babysitter, chef, therapist, doctor, everything. It’s nice to feel the love from your child and husband ❤️

Five months of pregnancy has been a breeze so far. I am feeling a lot bigger, mainly because my baby is growing faster now and I feel my belly getting bigger. My belly button is starting to pop a little, which is so exciting! I can’t wait to finally have a belly! I’ve been keeping up with my running and still run 3 miles a day, which keeps my endurance up throughout this whole pregnancy! It doesn’t get easier carrying Lorenzo up flights of stairs with a baby in my belly, so I love keeping fit for those reasons! I get my 3-D test this week, so hopefully we can see how beautiful my baby is in the making!

Lorenzo is wild. Everyday he’s just more and more a boy driving his mama crazy. Now that the weather is nice here in Jersey, he’s been dying to go in the pool EVERY day and that gives me a heart attack. Lorenzo has been to swimming lessons so he knows not to run and jump in the pool, but standing by the ledge still freaks me out! He’s definitely an outdoorsie type of kid and he’s going to love being in the pool all summer. CAN’T WAIT!

That’s it for now, xoxox

Love, Nicole ❤️

Check Out This Adorable Video Double Zero Made!

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Shout out to Double Zero for making this cute video from our shoot a couple weeks ago! Can’t wait to show you guys my line we’ve been working very hard on! #snookiLove