Workout Wednesday: Squats

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Workout Wednesday: Squats
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Hey booboos!!!

As you know, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to take on my second pregnancy, but this time I’ve decided to have a FIT PREGNANCY. I’ve already been working out everyday and I feel so much happier and full of energy unlike my first pregnancy. I DEFINITELY don’t want to be in labor for 27 hours again SO hopefully being fit will help with that! In the meantime, I just filmed some amazing Workout Wednesday: pregnancy edition videos for all my pregnant mamas and will start sharing those next week! Here is one of my favorite workouts to do while you wait for next week to arrive. You can never do enough of these! xoxo

My Baby Bump Transformation: 2 Months

Snooki - Baby Bump 2 Months

Here I am at 2 months. Second time around everything exploded. My boobs already doubled in size and I’m completely bloated, filled with air it felt like.

Pregnant Woman Kicked Out Of Planet Fitness!!!!

Snooki - Pregnant Woman Kicked Out Of Planet Fitness

I’ve had my own opinion of Planet Fitness ever since they’ve stressed their gym is a “judgment free zone”…personally I am not a fan of the franchise because they are the most judged gym around. Always stereotyping people who love fitness and who love to work out. God forbid we have muscles and wear a muscle tee to the gym to lift. I’ve read a lot of stories about Planet Fitness being judgmental and kicking people out because other people complained, but I’ve never been this mind boggled before. Customers complained about a pregnant woman’s stomach peeking out while working out at Planet Fitness. She said she goes to the gym to feel better about herself and to keep her body in shape while pregnant (GO GIRL) and was appalled how the “judgment free zone” gym completely judged her and kicked her out. DISGUSTING. Shame on you Planet Fitness. Your way of life at the gym and your whole concept is awful. Learn how to run a real gym facility that doesn’t stereotype and discriminate and then maybe you won’t have so many complaints. Tell me your thoughts after reading!

That Mom Life

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Can’t even take a shower without my baby screaming.