5 Months Pregnant And Loving It!

Snooki - 5 Months Pregnant and loving it

Hello my loves! This is so weird but I’ve been in such good moods lately! Mostly in part because I’m working out and my endorphins are awesome, but this pregnancy is so much easier than my first! I think because I know what not to do now. I’m so excited to show you guys my Workout Wednesdays: Pregnancy Edition! You guys will love it! We can still be active and still be careful while pregnant! My bump had definitely popped a lot more and it’s adorable. I do have my days where I cry in Indian style over nothing, and scream at Jionni like he had an affair, but other than that I’m good! LOL… No one ever has a perfect pregnancy, But I’m perfecting mine! Stay tuned for Workout Wednesdays! XO

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Workout Wednesday: Squats

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Workout Wednesday: Squats
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Hey booboos!!!

As you know, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to take on my second pregnancy, but this time I’ve decided to have a FIT PREGNANCY. I’ve already been working out everyday and I feel so much happier and full of energy unlike my first pregnancy. I DEFINITELY don’t want to be in labor for 27 hours again SO hopefully being fit will help with that! In the meantime, I just filmed some amazing Workout Wednesday: pregnancy edition videos for all my pregnant mamas and will start sharing those next week! Here is one of my favorite workouts to do while you wait for next week to arrive. You can never do enough of these! xoxo

My Baby Bump Transformation: 2 Months

Snooki - Baby Bump 2 Months

Here I am at 2 months. Second time around everything exploded. My boobs already doubled in size and I’m completely bloated, filled with air it felt like.