Finding My BFF Joey A Boyfriend!

Snooki - Find Joey a Boyfriend
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Hey guys!!

I am here with my amazing friend Joey. It’s a new year and Valentine’s Day is coming up and Joey needs a lover! We need to find the perfect one for him. So I was thinking we can find an amazing guy for him! If you think this hunk of a man is sexy, leave a comment and then we are going to set it up! We’ll do a nice date, go out to dinner and enjoy ourselves.

You have to have at least 3 of the following B’s to get with him!
1. Big
2. Beefy
3. Blonde
4. Belly
5. Beard
6. Bubble Butt
7. Buzz Cut
8. Big Dick
9. Bottom
10. Blue Eyes
11. Baby Face
12. bedankadunk

He wants someone family oriented, who loves his friends and can deal with his craziness. Someone who likes to drink and has to be monogamous! Just make him laugh and be funny and hot! Southern boys are his favorite! Watch the video to learn more about him! To win a date with my BFF, just tell us why you think you would be the perfect match for my boy. Use the hashtag #FindJoeyLove and send us a video on Twitter, FB, and Instagram! You can also just comment below!!! I can’t wait to find my boo a MAN!!!

“Baby Bumps” Reading Ep. 1

Snooki - Baby Bumps book reading episode 1
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Hi lovebirds!

I am so excited because my new book Baby Bumps is available now in all bookstores and on Amazon! I’m really excited about it because it is my journey of my pregnancy and how my life has changed ever since I had Lorenzo. So every week I will be reading a passage from my book! And YES, I CAN READ!

To read the rest, go buy your copy! XOXO

Thanks for Commenting on TANuary!

Snooki - Thank you tanuary

Yesterday was the last day of TAN-uary! You guys really brought it with your comments! Reading all your comments made me want to give you all some tanning products! Remember, you can still get my tanning products at professional indoor tanning salons everywhere! Visit to find a salon near you! The winner is Chelsea:

I think u should pick me to win ur tanning products because I am a single mother trying to do it on my own and I can not just afford to order your products but I’m dying to try them! You are my idol cuz like myself you also are a young mom and a great one too. I love your show but since I had my little one I haVe not watched it cuz cable is no longer a priority my daughter is more than the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I just hope you pick me to win this contest!

The rest of you will all have more chances to win stuff! You can win my amazing perfume by entering my Fan Fridays contest HERE! Muah!

Last Day of TAN-uary!

Snooki - Tanuary Last Day

Ahhh! I can’t believe TAN-uary is almost over! This is the last day you can enter to win my tanning products so that your skin glows and looks fresh even during the coldest time of the season. My favorite comment from yesterday was from Gabrielle:

I was meant to be a beautician at heart.
Born & raised in New Jersey is a great way to start.
In the summer I spent most of my time kickin’ it at the shore.
In the winter I bear with the frigid months till’ I can go to the shore some more.
I love to do laundry, go to the gym and tan.
And at the end of the day still make time for my man.
This summer I wanna look like a hot rookie,
The sure way to do it is get products made by Snooki.

Love you girl! Xoxo!

Make sure to check your email for details on how to get your prize. For the last TAN-uary, I want you to tell me why I should pick you as the final winner! Comment on this post with your response. Don’t worry if you don’t win because I will have more HUGE contests in February! Love you all! Thanks for supporting me and being amazing! xo

Tanuary Day 5!!!

Snooki - Tanuary Day 5

Hey lovers!

It’s that time again to announce the new TAN-uary winner and share the latest photo for you guys to comment on! The winner of Day 4 is Mylene! I literally LOL’d when I read this!

I made this poem for snooki to win her contest My momma didn’t raise no fool
She raised someone cool
I may curse like a sailor
And think I’m Buffy the vampire slayer
I may get drunk and crazy
Hey maybe sometimes be even a little lazy
I’m a great mom and soon to be wife
Even if people hate on my life
The most important thing she taught me is to be myself
So don’t change for no one and be yourself

You guys are so funny! Remember to put in a real email address when writing your caption on my site, that’s the only way I can contact you if you win the contest for that day! :) There are still more chances to win so keep on trying! Also make sure to check out my products sold exclusively at professional indoor tanning salons everywhere! Visit to find a salon near you!

Ready, set, COMMENT!