Guest on Brandi Glanville’s Podcast: Unfiltered

Snooki - Guest Appearance on Brandi Glanville's Unfiltered

Hey lovebugs,

I did a guest spot on Brandi’s podcast “Unfiltered” to discuss motherhood, reality tv, and my own podcast! Brandi is one of my favorite people to watch on TV because she doesn’t care about other people think and says whatever the hell she wants… that’s why we get along LOL!

We talk about partying and how you have to get it out of your system because if you don’t and you get married and have kids and still want to do that, then that’s a problem. I partied so much when I was younger that I got it out of my system so once I met Jionni, I wanted to settle down. And then when I had Lorenzo, I never wanted to go out.

I am obsessed with being a mom! But there are some things I worry about with having another baby! Listen to the podcast to hear more…

Naturally Nicole: My Seaside Stories

Snooki - jersey shore cast

Hey booboos!!!

Time for a new episode of my podcast!!!

On this one I talk about decorating my new house, give you some behind the scenes Seaside stories with Jersey Shore executive producer SallyAnn Salsano, Spill The Tea with Joey, and then I react to some of your comments!!

Listen to the whole episode here:

Bridal Shower Babe: Centerpieces

I ordered the centerpieces off of eBay. Wholesale WOOT WOOT. They were black Eiffel Towers and large champagne glasses! The glasses are filled with pearls and the towers are filled with feathers, which I also got off eBay. I loved being creative with these and making the table decor match with the theme of the party! Keep checking back for more updates on the decor from my party! XOXO!

Love always,