Woman Crush Wednesday: Jennifer Garner

So besides being married to the most handsome man in Hollywood, Ben Affleck, This mama is on point. With being a wonderful mom, having a fit body, being a talented actress and also a role model for women everywhere. Granted she may have flaws, but we surely don’t see them. This woman is a class act and I aspire to be like her role in Alias way back when. I want to be a secret agent, wearing hot outfits and wigs and just killing it. Thank you for the fabulous inspiration Jennifer! Much love and respect to you and your beautiful family! (BTW, totally had a steamy dream about your husband once and I am beyond jealous of you).

Releasing My Kids Rap Single This Summer!

snooki - Nursery rap single rubber duckie doug

So excited to finally announce my new project that I’ve been working on for 6 months! I joined my own team “TEAM SNOOKI MUSIC” and debuting my single “Rubber Duckie Doug”. It’s a nursery rap for my little kiddies! Lorenzo loves kids music and I wanted to make my own song for him and all the kids! Rubber Duckie Doug!!!!!!

Mommy Blog: Lorenzo’s Milestones

Snooki - Mommy Blog on Lorenzos Milestones

Lorenzo has had MANY milestones, but his recent milestone would be his addiction to dancing. Every morning after we read our book, he starts to do the shimmy and clap, which means he’s awake enough to start dancing. So I turn on my phone, go to Youtube, and put on Madagascar- I like to move it. He goes wild. He grins from ear to ear and starts shaking his little tush. I actually love the fact that he enjoys dancing, because dancing is a fun way to express yourself, and I feel like he’s learning while he’s doing it. I really want my baby to be the happiest kid in the world, I want him to always have a positive outlook on things and always try to be in the best of moods. So why not start out with dancing to always put him in a good mood! We dance everyday. Maybe one day he can twirl his mommy around the dance floor!!!

Love always,