Wedding Wednesday: Update On My Nuptials

So I picked out my bridesmaid dresses last week and I cannot wait! They are beyond gorgeous and going to look fabulous on everyone! My bridesmaids all have different body types, so I wanted to make sure the dress that I picked would look good on everyone. My next step is to ask my girls, and then figure out their jewelry and hair! Obviously I want them to look like my theme – Gatsby. I’m now searching some good hair styles from the 20′s, something very elegant and classy but sexy at the same time. For make up I’m thinking the girls have a natural, sexy look with a red lip. There’s just so many decisions that need to be made, and its hard because im loving everything im seeing!!!!

I would love to see some feedback on some beautiful 20′s gatsby hair styles and make up! Help a sista out !

Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls World Tour!?

Snooki - Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls World Tour

So I just read that Brian from BSB totally admitted to being in “early talks” with spice girls about a WORLD TOUR. My childhood is coming back to me & I couldn’t be happier. Growing up, BSB, Spice Girls, NSYNC was life. It’s so sad that kids now a days will never understand the excitement we felt as kids. Bands now just aren’t the same. Let’s hope this is true, because I’ll have A FRONT ROW TICKET!

Please can we beg NSYNC to do a world tour?! THEN my life will be complete. XOXO


Mommy Blog: Cleaning With My Son

Snooki - Mommy Blog On Teaching Baby to Clean Up Chores

Cleaning with a toddler can seriously be impossible. Luckily Lorenzo LOVES to clean up spilled milk, gets the rag off the table and gets to work. But when it comes time for mommy to clean, like fold laundry, it’s a DISASTER! So what I try to do with my son is make everything a game. We play games getting the hangers, and try to keep him occupied with those so I can fold. If Lorenzo isn’t occupied and he sees me folding, all the clothes will fly in the air like a tornado. It’s honestly best to do laundry when your baby takes a nap, but sometimes I want him to see me doing the things he will one day do as chores. I feel like as long as we make cleaning up fun, they won’t mind it. Until they’re 16 and tell us to F off LOL. Till then, good luck mommies with cleaning and your little ones! Leave your tips and stories! I love hearing other moms !! Xoxoxo

Love, Nicole

Scott Disick Goes Commando…

Snooki - Scott Disick goes out without underwear

And this is why I hate when Jionni wears sweatpants LOL! This morning I was doing my usual “newspaper reading” meaning checking all my tabloid apps, and I had to comment about this. Either Scott left a hotdog in his pants or he’s really happy to see the paparazzis! GET IT KOURT!

Jessica Simpson Looks Sexy In Her Daisy Dukes!!!

Snooki - jessica simpson daisy dukes after giving birth

UM has anyone else seen Jessica in her daisy dukes?!?!?!?! This brings me back to when Jessica was in her music video dancing all sexy and getting wet with soap on the car, and that was amazing. But i have to admit i am LOVING this daisy dukes side of her better. She doesn’t look too skinny, and she literally is perfection when it comes to losing all the baby weight and being a healthy for herself and for her kids. I can completely relate to her and understand how hard it is to get back to where you want to be, and she looks PHENOMENAL! SO PROUD of you Jessica! Keep it up! We should totally work out together, have play dates, and maybe you can give me all of your Jessica Simpson shoes. Thanks girl!