Victoria Beckham Working Out While Working!

Snook - victoria beckham work treadmill

No wonder Victoria Beckham always looks toned & sexy. GENIUS !!!

So I’m basically obsessed with this girl. Not only if she a former spice girl who has grown up into a beautiful wife and mother, stays fit and active and is a business woman. LOVE HER. And this post just makes me want to officially marry her. Victoria found a way to be at her desk and do work, but also work out at the same time with walking on the treadmill. I love the fact that she’s in her heels, because that’s just how diva she is and we love it. If I had a treadmill at my desk, I’d be all “new-mommed” out with my hair in a pony, no makeup, Nike shoes and full work out gear sprinting and writing this blog. LOL. You work it Vicki!

Throwback Thursday: With My Daddy!

Barbie Doll Days...
Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Barbie Girl Throwback Thursday
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Junior Prom Date!
Nicole Snooki Polizzi Prom Photo Throwback Thursday
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Pumpkin Picking
Nicole Snooki Polizzi Pumpkin Picking Throwback Thursday
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TBT: Grumpy Pants
Snooki - Throwback Thursday as baby getting out of bed
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Snooki - Throwback Thurday: Baby Snooki with daddy

Tbt with my daddy! Seriously how cute are my Minnie Mouse slippers?

Mom Mobile!

Snooki - Roadtrip With Lorenzo
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Road trip with Lorenzo! Don’t mind my messy car, jersey weather is messy.

My Wedding Update!! Bring It On!

Snooki - Wedding Update Gatsby Theme Bridesmaid Dress

And the countdown begins to my fall wedding!! I got most the important things done already, phew… But my next step is my bridesmaids! Since my theme is Gatsby, I’m asking all my bridal party to be bridesmaids soon by giving them a Gatsby goodie box! Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures and post for inspiration, but I got most of my inspiration from googling and pinterest! I will fill you in later on what’s in these goodie boxes, but I don’t want any of my bridesmaids to read this and have the surprise spoiled!!! I’m also going bridesmaid dress shopping next week with my maid of honor to pick out dresses for my girls! My wedding colors are gold and black, so she will be trying on a million gold and black dresses. Dresses that I love, and dresses that are hideous just to give me a laugh. I am SO excited for my fall wedding, and thank god the planning has not given me a headache yet. I’m happy to say i have not had any bride/diva moments yet! I don’t want to be that kind of bride. I want a fun and loving bride, with no stress. I’ll let you know how that goes after the bridesmaids dresses. Until next time…


Workout Wednesday: Home Workout

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Workout Wednesday Home Edition with Anthony Michael
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A lot of you have told me on Twitter and my blog that you wanna get fit but you can’t afford to go to the gym! Well here is my awesome at home workout for getting fit without using gym equipment!!! Do this everyday and I promise you will see results!!! xoxo, muah!