Congrats Mila! You’re Already a MILF In My Eyes!

Snooki - Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Expecting First Child Pregnant

AHHH this news gives me goosebumps! Congrats to Mila and Ashton on expecting their first child together! I can seriously already picture how gorgeous this baby is going to be. I have been a fan of Mila since she was born and I am completely obsessed with how beautiful she is. And HELLO I LOVE Ashton. He’s one of the first celebs we’ve ever met after going to LA the first season of Jersey Shore and he was amazing. He invited us over to his house just to talk. Plus one of my favorite movies with Ashton is “Just Married” so I FULLY support this couple and I’m so happy for them! XOXOXOXOXOX Lets set a play date in 9 months!

Madonna’s Armpit Hair…UM GURLLL

Snooki - Madonna Armpit Hair

Let me start off by saying Madonna is a legend. She is a goddess to music and sex to us woman. She’s powerful, open minded and outspoken and that’s why she’s so fabulous. I support anything when it comes to Madonna but GURL that armpit hair makes me feel dirty. I know she sees it as a form of art and expression, but it’s just not sexy. I freak out if I go to the gym and start lifting and have stubble in my armpits. I couldn’t imagine a beard in there, so for that, I’m sorry Madonna I love you but here’s a razor, get to work girl.

Kimye on Vogue!

Snooki - Kim Kardashian Kanye West North Cover Vogue

Dyingggg to see Kimye on vogue as we’ve been hearing how vogue refused to have Kim Kardashian on their cover. WELL Kim gets the last laugh and looks like a MILF on the cover with her boo Kanye. Kimye doesn’t bother me, I’m actually a huge fan of Kanye’s music! I’m interested in seeing the pics of baby North since she hardly shares any photos! Baby North is gorg AND I need to see more! Congrats Kimye for proving people wrong and shutting them up. You own that cover booboos!!!

Love always,

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