Happy Birthday Jionni!!!

Happy Birthday to my best friend & love of my life! You are EVERYTHING.

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my man! Jionni, I adore you. You are literally my rock, and everything to me. Yes you can get on my nerves and yes you can piss me off like no one else in this world can, but I love you more than anything in this world (besides Lorenzo, but that’s a different love) and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! You’re 27 and getting old, but you still look as sexy as ever, and lets face it, we both look like we’re 12 anyway. I hope you have the best day today, and I can’t wait to spoil you are dinner and be your queen for the day (even though I’m your queen everyday). LOVE YOU BABE! XOOXOXOOOXOOOXOOOXOXOXOXXO

Wedding Update: Arts and Crafts Bridal Boxes

Snooki - Wedding Update Bridesmaids Goodie Boxes
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Snooki - Wedding Update Gatsby Theme Bridesmaid Dress
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Since my theme is Gatsby, I’m asking all my bridal party to be bridesmaids soon by giving them a Gatsby goodie box! Here is a sneak peek of the boxes I’ve been making for them!

Mommy Blog: Using Organic Products

Snooki - Mommy Blog on Using Organic Baby Products

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the benefits of using organic products, free of chlorine and toxins. I never pictured myself to be a paranoid mom, but reading all the stuff out there on baby products can really make your head spin. I know a lot of mothers have their own opinions, but reading what I read, true or not, I couldn’t risk using the products I was using on my baby knowing what I knew.

I’ve stopped using a lot of Lorenzo’s foods and snacks, and have tried to make everything fresh for him. I know sometimes it can be hard to always make fresh things, but it really is the healthiest for my baby. I also switched his diapers to Honest diapers. I LOVE them. Not only are they so adorable with their designs and patterns, but Lorenzo hasn’t had a major diaper rash since! I also switched all his baby products & bath soaps to organic and have had no complaints!

I know this is a touchy subject with the mom community, but we are doing great on organic products and I will continue to get the best things I think are safe for my baby! XOXO, MUAH!

Love always,