Leonardo DiCaprio - Didn't Win an Oscar Again

OMG I am dying at this BuzzFeed article of Leo not winning an Oscar for another year. I have been a fan of Leo since I first saw his cuteness on Romeo and Juliet. I had the pleasure of meeting Leo in a nightclub the first year Jersey Shore came out and I literally had no words. Minus the fact that i was piss drunk, I will always remember that moment and remember how genuine and cool he was. I have been pulling for Leo to win an Oscar since he started and I DONT GET WHY ITS NOT HAPPENING. The Wolf of Wall Street was a PHENOMENAL movie and I was for sure he was going to win an oscar for his insanely well played role. Leo, there must be some sort of conspiracy because I don’t get it. But I will make you an Oscar to take home with my arts and crafts I have here, because you deserve one. Actually you deserve about 10, but I can probably only make one. We all love you Leo, and just remember, you always have a fan in me and that’s all that matters!

Love Your #1 Fan,


Jionni and I are Totally Ellen and Portia!


Buzzfeed has some of the most AMAZING quizzes that I always end up doing on Facebook when I can’t sleep, and I decided to do the couples quiz! And guess which couple Jionni and I got….ELLEN AND PORTIA! Which is totally amazing because I see their relationship as always being happy and laughing and just being silly. That’s exactly how Jionni and I are and I’m obsessed with Ellen. I’m loving how we got this couple, and I’m totally Portia :)

My Favorite Looks & Moments From Last Nite’s OSCARS!!!!!

The Oscar’s was AAAAMAZING last night! I missed a few moments because i kept switching back from The Walking Dead to the Oscars, but what i saw was brilliant. Ellen as a host needs to be permanently hired as every award show host. I LOVE how Ellen made such an elegant and high class award show so normal and down to earth for us as an audience. I never would having pictured seeing Brangelina eating pizza at the Oscar’s and Brad handing out plates to Meryl Streep and other a list actors. I feel like as fans we NEVER get to see our favorite actors and actress’ in their natural element not as famous actors, but as PEOPLE. Last night we saw them as regular people and I absolutely loved that. They’re human and normal and love pizza just like the rest of us! So bravo Ellen, you need to be signed to host every award show !! I cosign! Here are my favorite red carpet looks from last nite! Click on the names to hear what I had to say about them!

Kate Hudson

Jennifer Lawrence

Matthew and Camila

Amy Adams

Pregnant Mamas: Elsa Pataky and Kerry Washington