Announcing #MySnookiScent Winner!!

Congratulations to @DivaCygan for winning the first ever Fan Friday!!! Last week, I announced this new feature and asked you guys to send in pics of you showing off your personal scent with the hashtag #MySnookiScent. Thank you to everyone who sent in pics! Here are my favorite pictures! Congrats again to @DivaCygan and thanks for showing so much love! Stay tuned for next week’s theme!! XOXO

Snooki Report: Dennis Rodman & North Korea

The Snooki Report Dennis Rodman
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In this edition of the Snooki Report, Joey and I discuss what the heck is up with Dennis Rodman. How did he and Kim Jong-un become besties?! Where do you guys think these two met?! And what’s up with that accent??? Watch the video and listen to Joey try to explain the whole situation to me. XOXO

This Video Made Me Cry Happy Mommy Tears!

Snooki Mommy Video
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Check out this beautiful video my friend came across! I’ve watched it 20x already and cry every time! The love us mothers have for our babies is the strongest love in the world. I love my baby so much and this video makes you realize that! LOVE YOU LORENZO!!