“Baby Bumps” Reading Ep. 5

Snooki Baby Bumps
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Once you’ve popped your baby out, things get really, REALLY scary… And intrusive. In this reading, I’ll cover what life was like just after going through labor. Check out the video and hear all about it. Don’t forget to pick up your own copy of “Baby Bumps” so you can read the whole thing! XOXO

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Snooki Baby Bumps
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Snooki Report- Fat Burglar Stuck In Chimney

Snooki - Reports Chimney Burglar
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Ho Ho Ho! It’s way past christmas, why is this guy climbing down the chimney? In this edition of Snooki Report me and Joey discuss how this guy decided it would be a great idea to rob a house and climb down their chimney only to get stuck! I think I would’ve made it through the chimney! XOXO