Why Hello Second Trimester…

Snooki - Jionni LaValle

YAY so excited to be entering in my second trimester. My favorite trimester, because i always feel so much better. The tiredness and crankiness subsides and I can actually function with a smile again. Unlike my first pregnancy, I am feeling awesome. I think it has a lot to do with sticking to my daily routines, which is not being lazy, eating healthy and still working out. ( Cant wait for you guys to see my Pregnancy Work out videos!) I’m so excited because i still have my muscles, i still feel strong and I don’t feel like a hippo yet. My first pregnancy i felt like a hippo the 2nd month because i was eating everything i wanted and didn’t lift a finger to attempt any sort of exercise. I definitely recommend my mamas to try to be active during their pregnancy, because being both inactive and active during pregnancy, i vote for this one.

So excited to have my energy back and give Jionni a break. I have been such a raging lunatic to him, he deserves another trophy for my mood swings. But babe, don’t worry, i feel great now & i won’t be such a pain in the ass, diva pregnant woman.

My Second Pregnancy Journey…

Snooki - Second Pregnancy New Home Wedding Workout Update
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I love that I have my own blog and can say everything that I want to say and sharing everything with you guys!!

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback about my pregnancy. We got a lot going on this year with moving into our house, having the baby and then getting married. I’m entering the second trimister and my baby is healthy and I’m all good… though my first trimester brought back memories of my last pregnancy!!!

Let’s talk cravings. Love strawberries and salt and vinegar chips right now. But the one thing I’m going to change about this pregnancy is that I am going to stay active and keep working out because I’m getting married soon after I have my second baby. My lifestyle right now is very healthy so I’m going to continue with that while I’m pregnant. I am going to be working out safely and share my workouts with you on my blog!

Watch the video to hear all the updates!!!

Thank you to all of you for being so sweet and kind!!! Love ya!!!


BREAKING NEWS: You Can Still Workout While Pregnant

Snooki - Working out during first trimester with second pregnancy

So happy to let everyone in on our exciting news! And news flash: you can still work out while pregnant! The first trimester, woman are allowed to do everything they’ve been doing in the gym. So hell yea I’ve been getting my last rounds of flipping tires and hardcore weight training. Now that the second trimester has started, YOU CAN STILL WORK OUT. Just have to change your routine a little bit to be safe for you and your child. Thanks to my fabulous trainer Anthony Michael he has been training me safely. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m going to lose all this muscle I’ve worked hard for. Unlike my last pregnancy I’m going to be active, workout and be happy! I’m excited to see if working out really helps with labor, because I refuse to be in labor again for 27 hours! Talk about suspense. I also want to be in some what good shape for my wedding. Having my second child and getting married are very close to each other, so no time to be lazy! I’ve got a lot coming up this year and I want to look and feel my best! So bring it on pregnancy, I’m ready for you this time!

Also I’m very excited to announce I will be doing work out Wednesdays PREGNANT edition for my pregnant ladies out there! Xoxox

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Being Pregnant with Baby Number Two

Snooki - Exclusive Video Talking About Baby Number two
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This is my first video for all of my fans since announcing my pregnancy!!!

I am very excited that now you all know that I am expecting my second baby!! I wanted to announce it when we were ready to announce it! I love the positive feedback, it’s so sweet!!

We would love for Lorenzo to have a little brother because I see little girls around and I can’t deal with that divaness! I’m still going to be excited if I have a girl but we’re hoping for a boy. My baby’s name is definitely going to be Italian like Lorenzo- it’s Italian but also unique!

Watch the video to hear updates about our wedding, house and our second baby!!! XOXO