It’s Lorenzo’s 2nd Birthday Today!!!

Just want to tell the world how proud I am of my son turning two today. Not only does he get smarter and wiser every single day, but he makes mommy’s love for him grow and grow more each and every minute. So sad to know Lorenzo isn’t my “baby” anymore, but he will always be my baby and my first born. I know he’s going to be such an awesome big brother to his sister that he will meet very soon! Lorenzo, I love you more each second that I’m with you and I hope one day you will feel that love for me. MOMMY IS SO PROUD OF YOU, happy birthday my handsome son!

Beyonce’s Acceptance Speech at 2014 VMAs

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Beyonce 2014 vma vanguard award acceptance speech-blue-ivy-jay-z
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Stahpppp!! No one will ever be as bad as Beyoncé. We all suck. Literally hysterically cried with Beyonces song to Blue Ivy then having her come onstage and say yay mommy. #mommyproblems

We Won Zimbio’s 2014 Reality TV Awards!

Snooki and JWOWW - Zimbio 2014 reality TV awards

Thank you to all my booboos for voting for us for Zimbio’s 2014 Reality TV Awards!!!

Snooki and Jwoww won for Outstanding Comedy Series and I won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy!! So glad you loved it and can’t wait for Season 4 of our show to come out in the Fall!

Check out the other winners HERE!

My Bridesmaids Boxes!

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Here’s how I asked my bridesmaids to be in my party!

I’ve been dying to share these with you brides to be, especially if you’re still figuring out how your going to ask your bridesmaids! I was searching for cute ideas on google and came up with a few that I loved. I LOVED the bridesmaids box. So basically I decorated my boxes to be all Gatsby with fabrics and pearls. Then on the inside I had to put a flask, a headband, pearls, a keychain “diamond” ring and a beautiful necklace I got off of etsy! The necklace is a cute locket, so I wrote on a paper inside the locket saying, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” The girls loved it!!! And it’s so fun to make things yourself for your wedding! I got the boxes from Michaels and got the headbands, flasks and pearls from eBay!! XOXO

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jenna Dewan Tatum

My Woman Crush Wednesday goes to…..JENNA TATUM!

I have been obsessed with Jenna for a week now since I’ve been binge watching Witches of East End! You are beautiful girl!!!

Check out my favorite pics of this HOT MAMA!!

Naturally Nicole With Medium Alex March

Snooki - Alex March Podcast

We’re back with a new episode of my podcast!!!

On this episode, I answer some listener questions about marriage and motherhood, and talk about preparing my baby Lorenzo for a baby sister. Medium Alex March tells stories about seeing dead people, and Joey joins in for “Spilling the Tea.”


Don’t forget to comment with what you want to hear on my podcast! XOXO