Maxis for Mama

I just love wearing maxi dresses while being preggers. Not only are they super flowy and comfortable, but they let me show off that big baby bump! All of you moms-to-be should definitely try rocking a maxi this summer!

Happy National Spinach Day!!

Happy National Spinach Day booboos! It is so important for me to keep healthy, and I just love, love, love spinach! There are so many different ways it can be prepared and incorporated into recipes to make the perfect dish! Some of my personal faves are spinach artichoke dip, spinach pasta, and a fresh spinach and strawberry salad (YUM!!). Try making some of these tasty recipes to celebrate today’s holiday!

Nicole #FitMom

Healthy Hits: Cauliflower Rice
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Healthy Hits: Fresh Fruit Salad
Nicole Snookie Polizzi - Healthy Hits: Fruit Salad
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Healthy Hits: My Favorite Yogurt Snack
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