Naturally Nicole: Zombie Apocalypse

snooki - celeb gossip spilling the tea

Hi babyboos!!! Here’s my latest episode of my podcast! This week my podcast is dedicated to all things supernatural. This episode has special guest, Matt Mogk, head of the zombie research society, sharing what to do if the zombie apocalypse ever happens. You know I’m obsessed with zombies and I actually would like for the zombie apocalypse to happen… so this podcast is kind of one of my favorites ones!!!

On top of all the zombie craziness, Joey and I also talk about the celeb gossip!!! From the Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes baby to Kim K in seaside and the hot new romance between Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez. Nothing is off limits with us!!! Listen to the full podcast to get the juicy news!!! Muah!

P.S. Don’t forget, if there is something you booboos have been dying for me to talk about, leave it in the comments section and hopefully I’ll get to it next week!!!!xoxo love always, Nicole.

My Baby Boy is Almost 2 Years Old!

I can’t believe that it is almost Lorenzo’s 2nd birthday! My baby is growing up so fast. Look how adorable these party themes are…still trying to figure out what Lorenzo’s birthday party theme will be. Any suggestions?

Hanging out with My Babies!!!

I just love wearing maxi dresses, especially while being this preggers! They are super comfortable, stylish and easy to get around in. Check out these really cute candid pics of Jionni, baby Lorenzo, and me taken over the 4th of July weekend. I cannot wait for our newest member of the family to arrive in just a short 2 months!!