Flashback Friday: Meeting Beyonce

Snooki - First time Meeting Beyonce - Reveals pregnant at mtv awards

So me and my Jersey Shore roomies meet Beyonce at an awards show and they invited us backstage! We were there and Beyonce came up to all of us with Jay-Z. It was the MTV awards where she announced she was pregnant and held her belly up an said “Hey I’m pregnant!” She came up to us and kissed us all on the cheek and said she loved the show. I mean who does that? Who would have thought that Beyonce would come up to use and tell us she is a big fan of the show and kiss us all on our cheeks. I swear I didn’t wash my face for a couple months, that’s how awesome it was. She was so sweet and Jay-Z was so sweet. The fact that she’s the shit and still down to earth and awesome makes her even more of the shit!!!

Hear about some of my other celeb encounters on this week’s podcast! xoxo

My Bridal Shower and Weddings!

Hi lovies!!! Wanted to give you all some updates!! I went to a wedding last Friday and Lorenzo was in in the wedding! He was the ring bearer but he wasn’t having it. He’s about to turn two soon so he’s in that stage where he is like “get away from me, I’m gonna do what I want.” He wasn’t thrilled about putting a tuxedo on which took about an hour. Then he had to walk down the aisle, which didn’t happen. Hopefully for my wedding he will cooperate more! It was kind of a disaster, LOL.

I also had a bridal shower last weekend in the town where I grew up and it was great seeing everyone and catching up. My bridal shower will be on the next season of Snooki and JWOWW. I don’t like things that are so classy. I want my wedding to be traditional but not to the point where we are scared to have fun. My bridal shower was dress-up and I had everyone come in Gatsby themed outfits. I wanted it to be fun and for everyone to get their drink on. It looked like it was the 1920′s and I got great stuff for my house.

More updates soon!!! xoxo

Love always,

Motherly Love

OMG I just cannot take how cute these mother-baby animal pics are! It’s amazing that no matter what species we are we all have that motherly instinct. It’s honestly something I didn’t know I had until I held baby Lorenzo in my arms for the first time. I CANNOT wait to hold my new baby girl in my arms! P.S if you love these animals then you will LOVE my Happy Feet Slipper Line! It features all of these animals and more! Imagine looking down at your feet and being able to see these cuties on the reg!

Naturally Nicole: Celebs & Family

Snooki - Naturally Nicole Podcast 6 with Jenny McCarthy

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This week, I dish on my experiences meeting celebrities – good and bad. My booboo Jenny McCarthy joins to talk about kids, weddings, and Wahlbergs. And, Joey’s back to “Spill The Tea!” Take a listen loves!!! xoxo

Trend Alert: Fashionable Turbans for Summer

Hey booboos! I just love wearing fashion turbans this summer! They’re super trendy, and they add that little extra spunk to your outfits. Wearing a black fashion turban is my fav, because it looks perfect with every hair color and outfit!
Stay trendy this summer boos!


Pregnancy Running Belts!

Snooki- Pregnancy Belt

Hi Booboos! For any of you pregnant ladies that need some extra help when it comes to running/exercising, I’ve got you covered! Pregnancy running belts are super helpful when exercising with your baby bump! Not only do they support your baby bump, but they help to control bump movement during your exercises. They can also help to reduce your lower back pain and swelling and take lots of pressure off of your bladder. You all know how important it is for me to be a fit mom, and wearing this support belt really helps me get the job done!

Nicole #FitMom