My Fashion Headphones Are Now Available!!

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Where my music lovers at??? Hopefully that’s all my babyboos!!

I listen to music ALL the time, but I don’t ever see any fab and fierce headphones out there, so I wanted to create my own!!!

With these, you can listen to your music and look super cute at the same time!!

The best thing about them is if you’re at a gym or something, and don’t want too much going on, you can easily detach the headband and then you’ll just have regular headphones!

I also have a line of earbuds, which are just as fab!! My leopard earbuds are super simple, but they add a pop of fun! If you want to be even more stylish, I also have earbuds that look like earrings!

You just have to check them out!! They’re now available at Walgreen’s, I promise you’ll love them!!! MUAH

Rehearsing My Butt Off For Monday’s Show!!!

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Hey booboos!!!! I can’t believe we are already rehearsing for week 5 of DWTS! I am having SOOO much fun!!

Sasha has been working my butt off this past week to prepare us for Jazz!!

I’m leaving practice and hydrating like crazy!!! Always remember to drink lots of water when you work out! 

I am LOVING our dance this week, so please keep watching and voting for us!!  

Can’t wait for Monday’s show! XOXO

Throwback Thursday: Meeting Jionni

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - First Time Meeting Jionni LaValle
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OMG, the MTV blog just posted me and Jionni’s sweetest moments and this video of the night we met brings back so many memories!!! So crazy how things have changed SOOO MUCCHHH but we’ve been through a crazy long ride together and I couldn’t have fallen for a better guy to go through all of my adventures with!!! LUV my honey so much!!! MUAH!

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Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Starbucksdrakehands
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The Original Version
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LOL! After seeing that video of that guy who sent this girl the video of himself trying to be sexy, I knew I had to do my own version!!! Would you go out with him if you got this video!??

Happy Thursday!

Love My Man!!
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